Saturday, September 29, 2012

"A Wilderness Hike" begins a month-long virtual healing journey daily starting October 1

Check out the Press Release for my new blog series, "A Wilderness Hike."

"A Wilderness Hike" begins a month-long virtual healing journey daily starting October 1

Healer, author, and avid wilderness hiker Tim Emerson takes readers on a daily month-long exploration of wilderness hiking, its healing effects mental and spiritual, and some of what he shares in his forthcoming book, "Getting Unstuck," about living rich, fulfilling lives now, much of it worked out while hiking in the wilderness. Each blog post at will feature photos from his Adirondack hikes.

"Nature has a sobering energy in the wilderness. . .the perceived problems swirling in our heads are irrelevant there."

(PRWEB) September 28, 2012

When Tim Emerson first started hiking in the wilderness, it was just to get away from the city. But once he had moved to the country, wilderness hiking took on a new quality, not of escape, but of healing.

"As beautiful, peaceful, and relaxing as parks and the countryside can be, they don't have the same energy as nature in the wilderness," Emerson explains. "There's a quiet calm that goes deeper than just peaceful, something more primal, more fundamental, more inherently central to our nature and well-being."

The idea isn't new; the ancient Chinese called this energy the Kung, a fundamental sound the earth made, and ancient emperors had officials travel among the villages to ensure musical instruments were properly attuned to it. The concern was that city life drowned out the sound of the Kung, leaving residents out of harmony with the earth.

"Nature has a sobering energy in the wilderness," Emerson relates. "There's a clarity, a disengaged presence that cares not whether you live or die, the difference immaterial. The perceived problems swirling in our heads are irrelevant there."

That's where the healing starts. "First, you notice just how incredibly active thoughts are jangling around," Emerson notes, "followed by a gradual clearing. The first two hours on a wilderness hike are largely about settling in; after about six hours, life problems that had seemed hopelessly tangled become simple, straight-forward, with obvious paths toward solutions."

Emerson will be writing about his experiences daily for the month of October in a blog series, "A Wilderness Hike." "A lot of people have asked me about taking healing clients on wilderness hikes," he shares. "I invite readers to chime in with comments about how something like that might work, what they would like to see, what they might join."

Hikers or not, readers will have much to digest. "A lot of my forth-coming book, 'Getting Unstuck,' was worked on while on these long wilderness hikes," Emerson notes. The book looks at the various ways people feel trapped in a poor economy, in jobs they don't love, in emotional or spiritual confusion, in addictions, in the need for healing. Some of this content will be shared in the month-long blog series.

Helping physical, emotional, and life direction healing is the heart of Emerson’s business, Kwan Yin Healing. He also offers a “Healing for Healers” discussion forum and a “Ten Meditation Tips for People who Can’t Meditate” handout. “I’ve been thinking about some form of ‘Hike and Heal’ program for quite a while,” he adds.

Kwan Yin Healing provides in-person and distance healing to clients in the U.S. and Canada. Emerson is a Reconnective Healing practitioner, offering both Reconnective Healing and The Reconnection. He was trained through Dr. Eric Pearl’s "The Reconnection" program. Emerson has been a hiker, healer, and musician for over 30 years. Information about his services is available on his web site, Kwan Yin Healing. Kwan Yin Healing was founded in January 2012 to better service Tim Emerson's growing healing clientele.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

My New Blog! Come see!

It's up! My new healing blog!!!! Come check it out!!!!

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First post -- "Feeling creates Healing" -- I have long known and experienced the power of gratitude, and of focusing on what we want, rather than what we don’t want. But I had never realized the full impact of these energies on healing until I saw Alan Cohen and Gregg Braden share their powerful experiences with cancer patients.

Amazing video of a Chinese hospital shrinking a three inch bladder tumor while we watch on a sonogram!

And check out the rest of my site too. I'm still working on it...will fix the problems and add new pages as time allows.

Meanwhile -- Enjoy!

Nice to be back and blogging!!!!

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