Wednesday, August 22, 2007

An Answer to a Conservative Republican

Comment from a discussion board:

"As a conservative Republican I want our [next?] President to have a desire to make the United States a freedom-loving world-leading capitalistic democracy not a shackled world-following socialistic communist nation."

Then you shouldn't have elected a president who has trashed U.S. freedoms, corrupted the judicial system, slowed economic growth and ballooned the national debt--the latter extending the 25% of the country Reagan sold to foreign interests by ignoring reality and turning the largest creditor nation into the largest debtor nation in just one president's time in office. Today, under "we'll just borrow the money" Bush, that's been so radically expanded that China and Saudi Arabia, in particular, own so much of U.S. debt that we CAN'T choose to just go our own way--they literally own us. Further, President Cowboy's policies have virtually ensured that we're stuck in Iraq and Afghanistan for years to the tune of billions (not to mention straining the U.S. military to the point where even the commanders say we can't sustain it past the spring--face it--this "Conservative Republican" president has weakened our nation for years to come). U.S. citizens' negative savings rate doesn't help—EVERYBODY seemingly just charges what they can't afford--then are surprised when they lose their homes, all while driving new trucks with 12 mpg and 8 year car loans, as many of my neighbors do, owing more on the truck than it's worth.

I'm sorry to say it, because I fervently love this country, but America is falling--and we've no one to blame but ourselves.

Ideological denial will only worsen an already tenuous situation.



ender said...

gotta agree with you. i'm from texas (tho i'm living in indiana now) and when we heard he was running, everyone i knew from back home was flipping. he had about destroyed the environment and the education system in texas ... we were terrified to see what he'd do to entire country.

i wish we'd never found out what he'd do to the country.

Two Write Hands said...

I can't believe the man hasn't been forcibly removed from office.

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe he got elected for a second term. I simply cannot believe it. I hope everyone who voted for him is happy with this *#%$! mess that we are in. WTF were they thinking?! What's worse is that even today people defend him. Makes my head hurt just thinking about it all.

Charles Rey said...

I'm with you Karen; though he probably did not receive the requisite votes to win the 2004 election.

If he is not "forcibly removed from office" we will pay dearly. We have already lost numerous freedoms. Laws have been altered to our detriment.

Violence and injustice will only only get worse if impeachment processes are not implimented.

We the people must force our employees (congress) to remove him.