Tuesday, November 6, 2007

What I like about this political season

Sure, we have states fighting over one another to be first to have primaries, along with push-back from national parties, and yeah, we probably should stop pretending this is still the 18th century and institute national primaries. However, I like what I'm seeing.

What I see is both major political parties sorting out wide fields of arguably talented candidates. Messy? Sure. Goes with democracy, though, doesn't it? Kinda the point.

I'm not so wild about their lemming-like rush to bash each other rather than highlight their strengths--but one step at a time.



Two Write Hands said...

I kind of like the way Ron Paul is stirring up the mix. In a day when Dems and Reps aren't really distinguishing themselves from "politics as usual", this guy is different. Yeah, some of it's scary, but I wonder if he can get the 25 vote (the traditionally apathetic) with his "revolutionary" ideas. He's the most likable Republican I've seen. I wish Bill Richardson could get some press, too.

Junebugg said...

I tend to ignore most politics... they all tend to tell the voters what they want to hear. I prefer to go by their past records instead. Actions always speak louder than words