Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Horses--the Motorless ATVs

OK, I thought only the weather and thoughtless snowshoers and hikers were my nemesis to winter exercise. I figured at least I could jog along the trails. I didn’t count on horses.

A multi-use trail is a multi-use trail, of course, and equestrians are well within their rights. Thing is, just like ATVs, horses rip up the trail, leaving little but a trail of mud. I’ve never encountered this before in winter, but with the ice turning the slush, the horse folks churned it to brown soup.

Oh, and the horse shit. Why, if dog owners are expected to clean up, aren’t horse owners? Dogs find a place off the trail anyway—horses dump a pile in the middle. Nothing but laziness and unconcern for other users prevents riders from carrying at least a shovel.

That would, however, mean moving their asses off the horses and getting a bit of exercise.


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slavetaboo said...

I'm sorry to confess I did laugh when I read this. You do have a good point though. Why don't horse owners clean up horse shit?