Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Just when...

It's beautiful when it truly happens. The poetic irony. The better job that appears just when despair is thinking of leasing a room. That wonderful pet adopted when it just showed up after the loss of another. The unexpected opportunity, the surprise windfall, the fortuitous, the serendipitous. The fruit falls from the tree, ripe and ready. A gift.

And there you are again. After the disappointment, the discouragement, the adjustment--she enters. Smart, artistic, funny, sexy, loves what you love, prefers what you prefer, shares your interests, and finds she is interested in you, as you are in her.

Life proceeds apace, one day at a time, and we find hope lives, even knowing what could happen, but also knowing what could finally happen. That elusive "one," that small subset of the population, grows in your land.

And so, not knowing, yet knowing, we truly live.

The Mystic Writer


His kajirah said...

Hope this means things are looking up, life and love. Or at least the possibility of each.

Best wishes always,

Writer said...

More dashed hopes, I think, twinkle, but the point is, unless we keep trying, keep reaching, even unsuccessfully, then we start to die inside.

It's spring, and as much as it hurts sometimes, I choose to grow.

His kajirah said...

Amazing words, Master. So very true. She agrees that when we lose sight of our hopes and dreams, cease reaching for the stars and the light, stop looking for love or retaining it, give up when it seems life is too hard...

We will certainly start to die inside.

Have felt those emotions, the loss, despair...

twinkle chooses to live...
and grow along with it. ~smiles

Best wishes always

santia said...

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mick1ey said...

was hoping that one of us had found true happiness after all the disappointments and dispair
well wishes anyway and yes i still constantly read

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