Sunday, October 12, 2008

Palin with the terrorists

Sorry this is so short---a busy life and lots of online writing responsibilities are preventing regular blogging in the short run.

But this I have to say. Negative campaigns are nothing new, obviously. But Palin's crack about "palin' around with domestic terrorists" is over the top, distasteful---and desperate.

Yes, negative campaigns work. I hope not this time. Surely voters can grasp that campaigns go negative when they can't compete based on their platform? And spinning facts is one thing---extreme exaggeration and malicious innuendo is quite another. Nothing illegal or improper happened here. In fact, a community benefited.

I see partisan glee at such attacks, but here's my question---why would we elect someone we already know will lie to us?



kathleenmaher said...

A very good question, but one of I don't know how many others: why would anyone vote for this sorry, sleazy duo?

People in the Sun said...

And it's getting worse every day. Maybe we'll begin to get back to normalcy in 18 days. Maybe.